Aircraft De-Ice Boot Treatment


Our Aircraft De-Ice Boot Treatment service cleans, shines and protects pneumatic de-ice boots. We first remove all previous treatments before wiping the surface clean and applying multiple layers of a protective pneumatic de-ice boot sealant. The process leave these surfaces with a deep black, high-gloss shine. Aircraft De-Ice Boot Treatment

Pneumatic De-Ice Boots are extremely important to the safety of your aircraft. The pores in the boots need to be clean and free of wax, dirt, or buildup so that it can emit the de-icing solution. We take great measures to ensure that the pores on the pneumatic de-ice boots  stay free of any material that will block the solution from coming out.

By carefully taping off all sections of the boots we ensure that no waxes, degreasers, or and other products touch the pneumatic de-ice boots. By applying multiple layers of sealant we make sure that the boots are fully protected and appear shiny and as new as when the aircraft came off the production line. As with all our services we take great pride in the products we use for our Aircraft De-Ice Boot Treatment. Below are a couple of our more commonly used products for maintaining the boots. While some aircraft have de-ice boots others have metal leading edges that also need to be cared for. Take a look at our Aircraft Brightwork polishing service to learn more about keeping your aircraft metal surfaces in great condition.

PBS Boot Prep: Formulated for use before each Pbs Boot Sealant application to avoid dulling and hard to remove build-up. Failure to prepare deicers with Pbs Prep may result in dulling due to build-up.

PBS Boot Sealant:  Dries quickly to a super high gloss finish while offering the longest lasting protection against all weather, wear and tear. Pbs will prevent black streaks on wings like oily products that fly off. Blocks out harmful UV rays