Environmentally Safe Private Jet Detailing


Here at FreshAir we take great pride in being an environmentally friendly aircraft detailing service and we go to great measures to ensure that our service sets the standard in this area of our industry. FreshAir has been registered with the Mass Department of Environmental Protection and is in strict compliance with local and federal environmental guidelines.

Our first step toward an environmentally friendly jet detailing service was to switch our service to a drywash system. This system eliminates the runoff that can contaminate ground water when pushed down drains. At FreshAir we use no water whatsoever. Our dry wash system ensures that each panel of the aircraft is hand cleaned and not just sprayed down with a hose and a brush. We literally cover every area of the aircraft BY HAND.



Our next step was to find and environmentally friendly way to launder our soiled rags that carry the hazardous material that come off of the aircraft when cleaned. To do this we partnered with Coyne Textile Systems who specialize in recycling that waste back into use in an environmentally friendly way. You can learn more about them @ coynetextileservices.com
We constantly look for ways to improve our service and the decision to make and effort to become environmentally friendly was a thought-out, conscious move. Anybody can take 10 minutes and hose down an aircraft. Our process is not only more effective than wet washing but also more specialized in both the products we use and the individual attention that we give to each panel of the aircraft. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that we are as safe as possible and we take great pride in setting a standard in this area for the rest of the industry.