Aircraft Detailing in New England

The virtually unrecognized industry of aircraft detailing in New England is no longer just about having a clean airplane to show off to your friends and family. A new wave of aircraft detailing has begun to develop– an industry that not only focuses on maintaining the appearance of your aircraft, but utilizes products and techniques that truly preserve and enhance the value and performance of the aircraft.

Having your aircraft detailed on a regular basis by experienced professionals will do a number of things:

First, professional detailing has been known to actually enhance aircraft performance. It has been claimed that on larger aircraft, clean paint can make the aircraft travel an average of 4 knots faster than when dirty. The removal of dirt and grease, especially from the belly, may reduce drag, enabling you to reduce fuel consumption. Secondly, regular detailing services can also extend the life of paint and leather up to five to ten years. Paint sealing services shield aircraft paint from corrosion and color fading which results from exposure to U.V. rays. Thirdly, regular leather care eliminates the cracking and fading that occurs in aircraft leathers, making expensive cosmetic refurbishing of the leather obsolete. And fourthly, regular detailing services may increase the re-sale value of your aircraft by up to ten percent.

With these statistics, it’s surprising that many aircraft owners still think of aircraft detailing as an unnecessary luxury, and remain unwilling to spend the money to have their aircraft professionally detailed. Often, the only time that owners consider detailing services is right before they intend to sell the aircraft, which may be too late to really help the re-sale value. However, statistics show that having your aircraft maintained professionally, both mechanically and cosmetically, can actually save you money in the long run.


Q: What are the benefits of having my aircraft detailed on a regular basis?

A: Having your aircraft detailed regularly is an investment that offers numerous advantages to the aircraft owner. By having it regularly maintained you:

Protect your paint: Our paint sealing system protects aircraft paint from corrosion and fading for up to a year. It protects your current paint and prevents the need for pricy paint jobs in the future.

Lower operating and maintenance costs: It’s been shown that a well maintained aircraft can travel on average 3 knots/hour faster than a dirty, grease bellied aircraft. It can actually reduce the amount of fuel you burn and save you big $ over the course of the year.

Increase re-sale value: By having a well maintained aircraft you can preserve it’s original condition much better than if you never had it cleaned or serviced. This will pay off big time when it comes times to sell. We estimate that a properly maintained aircraft can sell up to 10% higher than a dirty, beat up version of the same model aircraft.

Take pride in your investment: We understand that your aircraft is not just a mode of transportation, its a reflection of yourself and your personality. By having a well maintained, regularly detailed aircraft you protect your investment as it ages over the years and are always ready to show it off for friends and family.


Q: How is FreshAir environmentally friendly?

A: Here at FreshAir we are conscious of the environment and take environmental issues very seriously. We use a “dry wash” system of aircraft cleaning which eliminates aircraft water runoff that can run down airport drainage systems and contaminate the ground water near the airports we service. After administering our dry wash system our rags get soiled with aircraft oil, grease and carbon. We then recycle this waste through our environmentally friendly laundry service, Coyne Textile Services. Coyne recycles the waste off our rags and reuses it in environmentally friendly ways. For more information on CoyneÂ’s service please visit


Q: Why shouldn’t I clean it myself or have my line guys do it?

A: If you enjoy cleaning your aircraft and are happy with the results youÂ’re getting by all means do it yourself. And if you donÂ’t mind having a mechanic hose down your aircraft with dish soap and call it a day please go that route. However, if you really value your aircraft and care about protecting it with the most specialized products and techniques, use FreshAir. If you want your aircraft serviced by professionals who perform their services in an environmentally safe way and actually care about your aircraftÂ’s well being, use FreshAir. If you need service that is flexible and caters to the needs of you and your aircraft even on short notice, use FreshAir.