Nantucket Auto Detailing: How to Remove “Nantucket Pinstripes”

August 16, 2017
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The culprit of the infamous “Nantucket Pinstripes”

“Nantucket pinstripes” is the term coined for any car on-island that has received light scratches from the bushes that line the narrow beach roads of the island.

While some scratches can be deep and require more professional on-island Nantucket auto detailing, often times most Nantucket pinstripes can be successfully buffed out at home with a little time and effort. In this blog post we’re going to show you the steps you can take to remove light scratches from your car’s paint and get back out onto the roads of Nantucket in style!
It’s a good idea to establish the depth of the scratches on your vehicle before you begin any type of scratch removal process.  In most cases your car should have 4 main layers; a clear coat, color primer and steel. If the scratch is only as deep as the clear coat or color, it will be much easier to remove and won’t require the services of a professional auto detailing service.


Nantucket Auto Detailing Tips – “Nantucket Pinstripes”

Materials Needed:

  • Clean Terry Towels
  • Clean Microfiber Cloths
  • Rubbing compound
  • Car Wax
  • Car Wash Liquid and water
  • Note: Most car waxes come with an applicator (usually a foam pad). If you don’t have an applicator, a microfiber towel can be used as a substitute.


Nantucket auto detailing


Many small and shallow scratches (ones that have gone through the clear coat only) can be repaired by using a combination of rubbing compound and wax. Rubbing compound works in much the same way as fine sandpaper or toothpaste, smoothing the surface of your vehicle. The wax will re-establish the seal on the clear coat and protect the paint again. Read the steps below for exterior auto detailing tips on removing scratches.




How to Remove Light Scratches


car wash nantucketStep 1: Wash the affected area.

It is important to make sure that you are working with a clean surface before you get started. Be sure to wash and dry the affected area of the vehicle with a mild soap and water. Having no dirt on the surface of the car will ensure that you don’t make the problem worse by rubbing and buffing small dirt particals into the paint.





car waxing nantucketStep 2: Apply & Buff the Rubbing Compound

Start by applying a small amount of rubbing compound to a clean cloth. By starting with a small amount and adding more as needed, you ensure you do not remove any more of the vehicle’s clear coat than is necessary. You want to use a auto-specific rubbing compound such as Meguiar’s Clear Coat Safe Rubbing Compound or comparable product.

Start by rubbing the compound on the area in small, vigorous circles. You should begin to notice the scratch disappear. Make sure you let it dry, then remove the residue with a clean Microfibre polishing cloth. When the scratch is completely gone, you can move on to waxing.


car cleaning nantucket, maStep 3: Apply & Buff the Wax

By applying wax to the repaired area, you’re essentially replacing the worn down clear coat so it’s important to reapply some wax to reseal the paint. Using a thin layer of wax, gently apply to the car’s surface in a circular motion. One the wax has been applied to the area again use a CLEAN microfiber or other soft cloth to wipe away the haze. Using a product like Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax you will not only restore and improve paintwork to the highest level but will also achieve that showcar shine with the most amazingly deep, vibrant color, making the paint almost look wet upon completion.  For maximum protection against the harmful environmental elements such as the ones found in Nantucket, it’s recommend to wax your car about 3-4 / year. Contact us to talk about getting your car on a regular ACK auto detailing program.



car cleaning nantucketStep 4: Wash the Vehicle again & Dry

Washing the vehicle after waxing will reveal the quality of the wax job and exposing any spots you may have missed when removing the scratches. A well-waxed car should repel water, beading the water on the surface of the car. Once done dry the car with a chamoi and get back out to the beach!




To schedule a date with our Nantucket auto detailing service click the button below. FreshAir is a mobile auto detailing service on Nantucket, Island. Contact us today to get a free quote and book a time to have your car detailed.


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